Josefin Sundin

Biological sciences

Stockholm, Sweden


  • Sex in murky waters: algal-induced turbidity increases sexual selection in pipefish
  • No effect of elevated carbon dioxide on reproductive behaviors in the three-spined stickleback
  • Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on male and female behavioural lateralization in a temperate goby
  • Behavioural alterations induced by the anxiolytic pollutant oxazepam are reversible after depuration in a freshwater fish
  • Long-term acclimation to near-future ocean acidification has negligible effects on energetic attributes in a juvenile coral reef fish
  • Are model organisms representative for climate change research? Testing thermal tolerance in wild and laboratory zebrafish populations
  • Behavioural lateralization in a detour test is not repeatable in fishes
  • The effects of ocean acidification on fishes – history and future outlook
  • Algal Turbidity Hampers Ornament Perception, but Not Expression, in a Sex-Role-Reversed Pipefish
  • Reply to: Methods matter in repeating ocean acidification studies
  • Ocean acidification does not impair the behaviour of coral reef fishes
  • A novel method for measuring acute thermal tolerance in fish embryos
  • Meta-analysis reveals an extreme “decline effect” in the impacts of ocean acidification on fish behavior
  • Meta-analysis reveals an extreme “decline effect” in the impacts of ocean acidification on fish behaviour
  • Evaluation of Sampling Methods for Maturation Stage Determination in the European Eel Anguilla anguilla
  • Replication alert: behavioural lateralisation in a detour test is not repeatable in fishes
  • Temperature moderates eDNA-biomass relationships in northern pike
  • Ålen i Fardume träsk – sammanställning över data från 1980-2022
  • Brain cooling marginally increases acute upper thermal tolerance in Atlantic cod
  • Swim for it: Effects of simulated fisheries capture on the post-release behaviour of four Great Barrier Reef fishes
  • Male mate choice relies on major histocompatibility complex class I in a sex-role-reversed pipefish
  • Keeping science honest
  • Direct and indirect effects of chemical contaminants on the behaviour, ecology and evolution of wildlife
  • Altered Oceanic pH Impairs Mating Propensity in a Pipefish
  • Strong positive relationships between eDNA concentrations and biomass in juvenile and adult pike (Esox lucius) under controlled conditions: Implications for monitoring
  • Extreme original data yield extreme decline effects
  • Maximum thermal limits of coral reef damselfishes are size dependent and resilient to near-future ocean acidification
  • Two-current choice flumes for testing avoidance and preference in aquatic animals
  • Scientific Misconduct: The Elephant in the Lab. A Response to Parker et al.
  • Density differences between water masses preclude laminar flow in two-current choice flumes
  • Long-term exposure to elevated carbon dioxide does not alter activity levels of a coral reef fish in response to predator chemical cues
  • Hypoxia delays mating in the broad-nosed pipefish
  • The operational sex ratio and density influence spatial relationships between breeding pipefish
  • Exorcise citations to the 'living dead' from the literature
  • Effects of the invasive swim bladder parasite Anguillicola crassus on health and condition indicators in the European eel
  • Predator presence affects activity patterns but not food consumption or growth of juvenile corkwing wrasse (Symphodus melops)
  • Evidence of the impacts of pharmaceuticals on aquatic animal behaviour: a systematic map protocol
  • Baltic pipefish females need twice as many males as they get
  • Female mate choice is not affected by mate condition in a fish with male care
  • Negative influence of a threatened species on ecological status classification: A case study of the influence of European eel within the Swedish fish index VIX
  • Female pipefish can detect the immune status of their mates
  • Using water masses of different temperature and salinity in two-channel choice chambers is unsuitable due to density differences: a comment on Baptista et al. (2020)
  • Brain cooling marginally increases maximum thermal tolerance in Atlantic cod
  • 9–28 d of exposure to elevated pCO2 reduces avoidance of predator odour but had no effect on behavioural lateralization or swimming activity in a temperate wrasse (Ctenolabrus rupestris)
  • On the Observation of Wild Zebrafish (Danio rerio) in India
  • Exposure to elevated carbon dioxide does not impair short-term swimming behaviour or shelter-seeking in a predatory coral-reef fish
  • Males show their best side revisited – Effects of predation pressure on laterality in wild guppies
  • Occurrence of the pugnose pipefish Bryx dunckeri in the Sargasso Sea
  • Stress hos europeisk ål under sumpning och transport : effekter av fångst och transport

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