Jordan Abell

Postdoctoral Fellow (Earth sciences; Environmental sciences)

University of Arizona


  • Controls on Yardang Development and Morphology: 1. Field Observations and Measurements at Ocotillo Wells, California
  • Eolian cannibalism: Reworked loess and fluvial sediment as the main sources of the Chinese Loess Plateau
  • Resilience of the Asian atmospheric circulation shown by Paleogene dust provenance
  • Urine salts elucidate Early Neolithic animal management at Aşıklı Höyük, Turkey
  • A wind-albedo-wind feedback driven by landscape evolution
  • Landscape evolution and development of eolian-modified unconsolidated gravel surfaces and yardangs in the Hami Basin, China
  • A Quantitative Model‐Based Assessment of Stony Desert Landscape Evolution in the Hami Basin, China: Implications for Plio‐Pleistocene Dust Production in Eastern Asia
  • Poleward and weakened westerlies during Pliocene warmth
  • Eccentricity forcing of East Asian monsoonal systems over the past 3 million years

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Lucas Gloege

graduate research assistant - New York, NY

Lucas Gloege

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