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  • Differences among Expert Judgments of Fish Habitat Suitability and Implications for River Management
  • Disentangling the effects of habitat suitability, dispersal, and fragmentation on the distribution of river fishes
  • Improved river continuity facilitates fishes' abilities to track future environmental changes
  • Synergistic and antagonistic interactions of future land use and climate change on river fish assemblages
  • Disentangling multiple pressures on fish assemblages in large rivers
  • FIDIMO — A free and open source GIS based dispersal model for riverine fish
  • Entwicklung eines integrierten Modells zur Prognose der langfristigen Entwicklung abiotischer Rahmenbedingungen und Lebensgemeinschaften für Gewässermanagement und Klimafolgenforschung : Schlussbericht ; [Laufzeit und Berichtszeitraum: 01.09.2010 - 31.10.2013]
  • fuzzy_habitat_modelling
  • Rutilus rutilus habitat suitability niche
  • Susceptibility of European freshwater fish to climate change: species profiling based on life-history and environmental characteristics
  • The combined effects of climate change and river fragmentation on the distribution of Andean Amazon fishes
  • Fachplanerische Bewertung der Mortalität von Fischen an Wasserkraftanlagen
  • Environmental and spatial correlates of hydrologic alteration in a large Mediterranean river catchment
  • Susceptibility of European freshwater fish to climate change: Species profiling based on life‐history and environmental characteristics
  • The role of connectivity in the interplay between climate change and the spread of alien fish in a large Mediterranean river
  • Entwicklung eines GIS-basierten Modellansatzes zur Priorisierung von Querbauwerken bei der Umsetzung der Wasserrahmenrichtlinie
  • A Modelling Framework to Assess the Effect of Pressures on River Abiotic Habitat Conditions and Biota
  • Source populations in the context of dispersal modelling
  • Spatial Scaling of Environmental Variables Improves Species-Habitat Models of Fishes in a Small, Sand-Bed Lowland River
  • Patterns and predictors of fish dispersal in rivers
  • Wordcloud Fish Dispersal / Movement
  • The European Fish Hazard Index – An assessment tool for screening hazard of hydropower plants for fish
  • Environmental filtering governs the spatial distribution of alien fishes in a large, human‐impacted Mediterranean river
  • Comparative assessment of hydropower risks for fishes using the novel European fish hazard Index
  • Reliability analysis of fish traits reveals discrepancies among databases
  • Effective monitoring of freshwater fish
  • The role of spatial units in modelling freshwater fish distributions: Comparing a subcatchment and river network approach using MaxEnt
  • Evident but context‐dependent mortality of fish passing hydroelectric turbines
  • Key factors explaining critical swimming speed in freshwater fish: a review and statistical analysis for Iberian species
  • The future distribution of river fish: The complex interplay of climate and land use changes, species dispersal and movement barriers
  • The importance of seawater tolerance and native status in mediating the distribution of inland fishes
  • The vulnerability of Ireland's freshwater fish to climate change
  • Estimates of niche position and breadth vary across spatial scales for native and alien inland fishes
  • Ecosystem-based management outperforms species-focused stocking for enhancing fish populations

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