Jack Nunn is a PhD researcher at La Trobe University where he is exploring genomic research and how people can be involved in shaping the future of this research. He has recently worked on projects with Cochrane Australia, the World Health Organisation, the Australian Department of Health and the UK National Institute of Health Research. Jack worked for a large UK health charity (Macmillan Cancer Support) for 5 years, working to involve the public in research and improving services. Jack is the founder and Director of the not-for-profit education organisation ‘Science for All’ (scienceforall.world), working to involve people in doing research by building partnerships between the public and researchers. Jack is a member of the Australian Federal Departments of Health's Medical Services Advisory Committee Evaluation Sub-committee. Jack is on the editorial board for ‘Research Involvement and Engagement’, the ‘WikiJournal of Science’ and the ‘WikiJournal of Humanities’.


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