• BCNTB bioinformatics: the next evolutionary step in the bioinformatics of breast cancer tissue banking
  • The pancreatic expression database: 2018 update
  • ‘Multi-omic’data analysis using O-miner
  • A genetic study and meta-analysis of the genetic predisposition of prostate cancer in a Chinese population
  • Oxidative Stress in Cells with Extra Centrosomes Drives Non-Cell-Autonomous Invasion
  • Germline variation at 8q24 and prostate cancer risk in men of European ancestry
  • Fine-mapping of prostate cancer susceptibility loci in a large meta-analysis identifies candidate causal variants
  • Stabilization of β-catenin upon B-cell receptor signaling promotes NF-kB target genes transcription in mantle cell lymphoma.
  • The Transcriptomic Landscape of Prostate Cancer Development and Progression: An Integrative Analysis
  • Noninvasive Detection of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer Using Circulating Tumor Cells.
  • Integrated genomic analysis identifies recurrent mutations and evolution patterns driving the initiation and progression of follicular lymphoma
  • EZH2 mutations are frequent and represent an early event in follicular lymphoma
  • Dysregulation of autophagy in human follicular lymphoma is independent of overexpression of BCL-2
  • Loss of imprinting at the 14q32 domain is associated with microRNA overexpression in acute promyelocytic leukemia
  • Tritsomy 8 Acute Myeloid Leukemia Analysis Reveals New Insights of DNA Methylome with Identification of HHEX as Potential Diagnostic Marker
  • Identification of ZDHHC14 as a novel human tumour suppressor gene
  • Transcription-mediated chimeric RNAs in prostate cancer: time to revisit old hypothesis?
  • High throughput sequencing analysis of the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene from flow-sorted B cell sub-populations define the dynamics of follicular lymphoma clonal evolution
  • Inhibitors of BCR signalling interrupt the survival signal mediated by the micro-environment in mantle cell lymphoma
  • NKAIN2 functions as a novel tumor suppressor in prostate cancer
  • Genome wide analysis of acute myeloid leukemia reveal leukemia specific methylome and subtype specific hypomethylation of repeats

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