Irina Lock


  • Politicized CSR: How corporate political activity (mis‐)uses political CSR
  • Argumentation strategies in lobbying: toward a typology
  • Gauging the Rigor of Qualitative Case Studies in Comparative Lobbying Research. A Framework and Guideline for Research and Analysis
  • Traveling frames: How corporate and civil society actors try to influence public administration and courts in a case on nuclear emission data in Switzerland
  • Debating Glyphosate: A Macro Perspective on the Role of Strategic Communication in Forming and Monitoring A Global Issue Arena Using Inductive Topic Modelling
  • Finding More Needles in More Haystacks: Rigorous Literature Searching for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Management and Organization Studies
  • Conserving complexity: A complex systems paradigm and framework to study public relations’ contribution to grand challenges
  • Visualizing the triple bottom line: A large‐scale automated visual content analysis of European corporations' website and social media images
  • Credible corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication predicts legitimacy
  • Explicating communicative organization-stakeholder relationships in the digital age: A systematic review and research agenda
  • Organizational propaganda on the Internet: A systematic review
  • Automated Visual Content Analysis (AVCA) in Communication Research: A Protocol for Large Scale Image Classification with Pre-Trained Computer Vision Models
  • Identity resilience in times of mediatization: Comparing employees’ with citizens’ perceptions of a public organization

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