Heath Blackmon

Assistant Professor (Evolutionary biology not elsewhere classified)

Texas A&M University

My research interests include sex chromosomes, evolution of sexual systems, and applied phylogenetics. Because of the numerical dominance of Coleoptera and the availability of both sequence and cytogenetic data much of my work has focused on this group. I have applied the latest comparative phylogenetic tools to analyze the mode and tempo of sex chromosome turnover across the entire group. Other work has focused on understanding the evolution of sex chromosomes at a genomic level. I am also interested in the development of tools that facilitate evolutionary biology analysis and teaching. To this end I develop R packages like evobiR that has a variety of tools for preparing data for comparative analyses, generation of posterior predictive simulations, and functions that perform simulations to be used in and education setting teaching basic ideas of population genetics.


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  • Ross, L., Blackmon, H., Lorite, P., Gokhman, V. E., & Hardy, N. B. (2015). Recombination, chromosome number and eusociality in the Hymenoptera. Journal of evolutionary biology.

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