Gabriel BODARD


  • EpiDoc: Epigraphic documents in XML for publication and interchange
  • Inscriptions of Aphrodisias
  • Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber: Teaching, Knowledge Exchange & Public Engagement
  • Linked data for humanities research - The SPQR experiment
  • Introduction
  • Digital research in the study of classical antiquity
  • Building bridges between islands of data - An investigation into distributed data management in the humanities
  • Open source critical editions: A rationale
  • Ancient Magic and Ritual Power
  • Epigraphy in 2017
  • The Inscriptions of Aphrodisias as electronic publication
  • EpiDoc Guidelines
  • Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania
  • Standards for Networking Ancient Person data: Digital approaches to problems in prosopographical space
  • Digital Epigraphy and Lexicographical and Onomastic Markup
  • SNAP:DRGN Cookbook
  • Networking Ancient People - Engaging New Researchers
  • Prosopography is Greek for Facebook
  • Epigraphers and Encoders: Strategies for Teaching and Learning Digital Epigraphy
  • Digital Approaches and the Ancient World
  • Linked Open Data for Ancient Names and People
  • Publication, Testing and Visualization with EFES: A tool for all stages of the EpiDoc XML editing process
  • Cross-cultural After-Life of Classical Sites
  • School of Advanced Study’s online training in digital humanities opens door to internet production skills
  • Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica
  • Publication, Testing and Visualization with EFES: A tool for all stages of the EpiDoc editing process
  • EpiDoc and Epigraphic Training in the Era of Remote and Hybrid Teaching
  • Witchcraft and Magic in Europe 2: Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Witchcraft and Magic in Europe 6: The Twentieth Century
  • Description, translation and process: Making the implicit explicit in digital editions of ancient text-bearing objects
  • Can’t Touch This

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