• Feasibility study for PIXE and neutron beam techniques on fishing nets made of polymeric materials
  • Overall efficiency assessment of a trawler propulsion system based on hydrodynamic performance computations
  • EfficientShip: A case study for the implementation of ORC technology onboard European fishing vessels
  • Towards sustainable fisheries management: A perspective of fishing technology weaknesses and opportunities with a focus on the mediterranean fisheries
  • Preliminary design of the hybrid propulsion architecture for the research vessel "G. Dallaporta"
  • Towards sustainable fisheries management in emerging markets: An overview of properties, gaps and opportunities in Egypt
  • The influence of twine tenacity, thickness and bending stiffness on codend selectivity
  • Old info for a new Fisheries Policy: Discard ratios and lengths at discarding in EU Mediterranean bottom trawl fisheries
  • Otterboard hydrodynamic performance testing in flume tank and wind tunnel facilities
  • Impact assessment of EMFF measures on Good Environmental Status (GES) as defined by Italy
  • Propulsion system improvement for trawlers
  • A bond graph approach to improve the energy efficiency of ships
  • E-audit: Energy use in Italian fishing vessels
  • Fuel saving and emission reduction in fisheries: Results of the experimentation of a new magnetic device onboard fishing vessel
  • Holistic modeling of the global propulsion energy index in waves for small craft
  • Testing otter board hydrodynamic performances in wind tunnel facilities
  • Energy efficiency in fishing: Are magnetic devices useful for use in fishing vessels?
  • Assessment of the Relative Catch Performance of a Surrounding Net without the Purse Line as an Alternative to a Traditional Boat Seine in Small-Scale Fisheries
  • Shrimp trap selectivity in a Mediterranean small-scale-fishery
  • Effect of a lateral square-mesh panel on the catch pattern and catch efficiency in a Mediterranean bottom trawl fishery
  • Energy performance evaluation for fishing vessels
  • Multipurpose use of side-scan sonar technology for fisheries science
  • Experimental assessment of the fouling control coating effect on the fuel consumption rate
  • Design of a hybrid propulsion architecture for midsize boats
  • Trawling in the Mediterranean: An Exploration of Empirical Relations Connecting Fishing Gears, Otterboards and Propulsive Characteristics of Fishing Vessels
  • Energy audit and carbon footprint in trawl fisheries

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