Ed Garrett


  • Historical Nankai-Suruga megathrust earthquakes recorded by tsunami and terrestrial mass movement deposits on the Shirasuka coastal lowlands, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • A systematic review of geological evidence for Holocene earthquakes and tsunamis along the Nankai-Suruga Trough, Japan
  • Reconstructing paleoseismic deformation, 2: 1000 years of great earthquakes at Chucalén, south central Chile
  • The sedimentary record of the 1960 tsunami in two coastal lakes on Isla de Chiloé, south central Chile
  • Reconstructing paleoseismic deformation, 1: modern analogues from the 1960 and 2010 Chilean great earthquakes
  • Detection limits of tidal-wetland sequences to identify variable rupture modes of megathrust earthquakes
  • Modern diatom assemblages from Chilean tidal marshes and their application for quantifying deformation during past great earthquakes
  • Great tsunamigenic earthquakes during the past 1000 yr on the Alaska megathrust
  • Preface to marine geology special issue: Geological Records of Extreme Wave Events
  • Unusual geologic evidence of coeval seismic shaking and tsunamis shows variability in earthquake size and recurrence in the area of the giant 1960 Chile earthquake
  • Organic matter distribution in the modern sediments of the Pearl River Estuary
  • Constraints on regional drivers of relative sea-level change around Cordova, Alaska

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