Domenico Fiormonte (PhD University of Edinburgh) is currently a lecturer in the Sociology of Communication and Culture in the Department of Political Sciences at University Roma Tre. In 1996 he created one of the first online resources on textual variation ( He has edited and co-edited a number of collections of digital humanities texts, and has published books and articles on digital philology, digital writing, text encoding, and cultural criticism of DH. He is a yoga practitioner since 2008 and has been working on educational projects in the South of India for the last ten years. He recently edited an Italian collection of essays on consciousness (La coscienza. Un dialogo interdisciplinare e interculturale, Rome, 2018). His latest DH publication is an open access book: The Digital Humanist. A critical inquiry (Punctum 2015) with Teresa Numerico and Francesca Tomasi. With Sukanta Chaodouri and Paola Ricaurte is currently editing for Minnesota University Press

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