Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien

Ph.D. (Art history, theory and criticism not elsewhere classified)


Diaa is a lecturer in the sciences of New-Media Arts & Technology and an associate editor in Humanities & Social Sciences Communications, a Nature journal group, part of Springer Nature. In addition, Diaa is an artist, educator, researcher, and creator to set up systems of interactive artworks. His accurate specialization lies in the sciences of New-Media arts, Digital Humanities, visual communications, and medical humanities, all of which emphasize the crucial role of the intersections among the arts, sciences, and technology in shaping knowledge-based societies. Diaa obtained his Ph.D. (D Phil) in New-Media arts from the University of Bern and Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, in 2017.


figshare ambassador


  • Use mechanisms of the Holographic Interferometry in Sciences of Visual Arts
  • Holographic Art as an Approach to Enhance Visual Communication in Egyptian community
  • Physics of Laser in Contemporary Visual Arts.
  • Holographic Recording through Tiny Chamber’s Vacuum as a Microscopic Installation Art DOI: 10.9790/0837-191014246
  • The modern use of optics design techniques to production visual Art works DOI: 10.9790/0837-0260107
  • Laser Techniques as an Approach to Experiment in Contemporary Painting
  • Designing an artificial environment to create contemporary experimental drawings: An analytical and experimental study DOI: 10.1386/drtp.1.1.79_1

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