Devin de Zwaan

Postdoctoral Fellow (Biological sciences)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


  • Hierarchical fear: parental behaviour and corticosterone release mediate nestling growth in response to predation risk
  • Plumage melanism is linked to male quality, female parental investment and assortative mating in an alpine songbird
  • Sex-Specific Spatiotemporal Variation and Carry-Over Effects in a Migratory Alpine Songbird
  • Elevation has contrasting effects on avian and mammalian nest traits in the Andean temperate mountains
  • Timing and intensity of weather events shape nestling development strategies in three alpine breeding songbirds
  • Combining point counts and autonomous recording units improves avian survey efficacy across elevational gradients on two continents
  • Wildcards in climate change biology
  • A genus at risk: Predicted current and future distribution of all three Lagopus species reveal sensitivity to climate change and efficacy of protected areas
  • Balancing conservation priorities for grassland and forest specialist bird communities in agriculturally dominated landscapes
  • Cross-seasonal weather effects interact with breeding conditions to impact reproductive success in an alpine songbird
  • Substrate and structure of ground nests have fitness consequences for an alpine songbird
  • Variation in offspring development is driven more by weather and maternal condition than predation risk
  • Efficiency and fitness consequences of two trapping methods for recapturing ground‐nesting songbirds
  • Predation risk-induced adjustments in provisioning behavior for Horned Lark (Eremophila alpestris) in British Columbia
  • Feather melanin and microstructure variation in dark-eyed junco Junco hyemalis across an elevational gradient in the Selkirk Mountains
  • Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein A2 (PAPP-A2) Affects Bone Size and Shape and Contributes to Natural Variation in Postnatal Growth in Mice
  • The relative influence of cross‐seasonal and local weather effects on the breeding success of a migratory songbird
  • Mass gain and stopover dynamics among migrating songbirds are linked to seasonal, environmental, and life-history effects
  • GABB: A global dataset of alpine breeding birds and their ecological traits
  • Rock cavity nesting as the norm: Breeding songbirds of the temperate High Andes
  • Rock cavity nesting as the norm: Breeding songbirds of the temperate H igh A ndes
  • Occupancy trends of overwintering coastal waterbird communities reveal guild‐specific patterns of redistribution and shifting reliance on existing protected areas
  • Local and regional‐scale effects of hedgerows on grassland‐ and forest‐associated bird populations within agroecosystems

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