David Hunt


  • Bidirectional NMDA receptor plasticity controls CA3 output and heterosynaptic metaplasticity
  • Distinct functions of kainate receptors in the brain are determined by the auxiliary subunit Neto1
  • Synaptic plasticity of NMDA receptors: Mechanisms and functional implications
  • ShuTu: Open-Source Software for Efficient and Accurate Reconstruction of Dendritic Morphology
  • A novel pyramidal cell type promotes sharp-wave synchronization in the hippocampus
  • The Transcriptional Logic of Mammalian Neuronal Diversity
  • Multimodal in vivo brain electrophysiology with integrated glass microelectrodes.
  • Mapping the transcriptional diversity of genetically and anatomically defined cell populations in the mouse brain.
  • Retrograde Suppression of Post-Tetanic Potentiation at the Mossy Fiber-CA3 Pyramidal Cell Synapse.
  • Cell type-specific mechanisms of information transfer in data-driven biophysical models of hippocampal CA3 principal neurons

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