Daniele Esposito


  • A Comparison of Denoising Algorithms for Effective Edge Detection in X-Ray Fluoroscopy
  • The “Federica” Hand
  • Electrodeless FSR Linear Envelope Signal for Muscle Contraction Measurement
  • A Piezoresistive Array Armband With Reduced Number of Sensors for Hand Gesture Recognition
  • Measurement of muscle contraction timing for prosthesis control: a comparison between electromyography and force-myography
  • Biosignal-Based Human–Machine Interfaces for Assistance and Rehabilitation: A Survey
  • Real-Time EMG Based Pattern Recognition Control for Hand Prostheses: A Review on Existing Methods, Challenges and Future Implementation
  • A stretchable, conductive rubber sensor to detect muscle contraction for prosthetic hand control
  • A Contactless Sensor for Pacemaker Pulse Detection: Design Hints and Performance Assessment
  • Assessment of cervical disk prosthesis by means of video-fluoroscopy image processing
  • Wearable Bluetooth Triage Healthcare Monitoring System
  • A Piezoresistive Sensor to Measure Muscle Contraction and Mechanomyography
  • Mechanical System Control by RGB-D Device
  • Evaluation of Grip Force and Energy Efficiency of the “Federica” Hand
  • Design of a 3D-Printed Hand Exoskeleton Based on Force-Myography Control for Assistance and Rehabilitation
  • Efficient automated localization of ECoG electrodes in CT images via shape analysis.
  • Experimental Study to Improve “Federica” Prosthetic Hand and Its Control System
  • Forcecardiography: A Novel Technique to Measure Heart Mechanical Vibrations onto the Chest Wall
  • A Comparison of Heart Pulsations Provided by Forcecardiography and Double Integration of Seismocardiogram
  • Improvements of a Simple Piezoresistive Array Armband for Gesture Recognition
  • Low Cost Analogue Front End for Electronic Stethoscopes Application with Silicone Enclosure
  • Contactless Electrocatheter Tracing within Human Body via Magnetic Sensing: A Feasibility Study
  • Toward a priori noise characterization for real-time edge-aware denoising in fluoroscopic devices
  • A Novel Broadband Forcecardiography Sensor for Simultaneous Monitoring of Respiration, Infrasonic Cardiac Vibrations and Heart Sounds
  • Detection of Aortic Valve Opening and Estimation of Pre-Ejection Period in Forcecardiography Recordings
  • Study on the Activation Speed and the Energy Consumption of “Federica” Prosthetic Hand
  • Respiration Monitoring via Forcecardiography Sensors
  • Respiratory-Induced Amplitude Modulation of Forcecardiography Signals
  • Design and Evaluation of a Low-Cost Electromechanical System to Test Dynamic Performance of Force Sensors at Low Frequencies
  • Changes in Forcecardiography Heartbeat Morphology Induced by Cardio-Respiratory Interactions
  • ECG-Free Heartbeat Detection in Seismocardiography Signals via Template Matching
  • A smart approach to EMG envelope extraction and powerful denoising for human–machine interfaces
  • Heartbeat Detection in Gyrocardiography Signals without Concurrent ECG Tracings
  • ECG-Free Heartbeat Detection in Seismocardiography and Gyrocardiography Signals Provides Acceptable Heart Rate Variability Indices in Healthy and Pathological Subjects
  • Real-Time Implementation of a Frequency Shifter for Enhancement of Heart Sounds Perception on VLIW DSP Platform
  • A pre-processing tool to increase performance of deep learning-based CAD in digital breast Tomosynthesis
  • Accurate Localization of First and Second Heart Sounds via Template Matching in Forcecardiography Signals

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