Daniel Pombo

R&D Engineer


I am fun at parties. Feel free to reach out through LinkedIn (as I don't feel like sharing my personal email, nor do I want to update it every time I change jobs).


  • Decarbonizing energy islands with flexibility-enabling planning: The case of Santiago, Cape Verde
  • Frequency Stability Assessment for the Future Power System of São Vicente Island
  • The Hybrid Power Grid of Cape Verde
  • The SOLETE platform
  • Increasing the Accuracy of Hourly Multi-Output Solar Power Forecast with Physics-Informed Machine Learning
  • Cape Verde Reference System v2.0
  • Cape Verde Reference Power System Data
  • Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Control Designed for Coordinated Fast Frequency Reserves
  • Towards 100% renewable islands in 2040 via generation expansion planning: The case of São Vicente, Cape Verde
  • Complementary data for Machine Learning-Driven Energy Management of a Hybrid Nuclear-Wind-Solar-Desalination Plant
  • Is Real Inertia Always Better? Synchronous Condensers, Fast Frequency Response, and Virtual Inertia in Isolated Hybrid Power Systems
  • New Frequency Control Philosophy for Future Hybrid Power Plants
  • A Multipurpose Reference System Based on the Hybrid Power Grid of Cape Verde
  • A Hybrid Power System for a Permanent Colony on Mars
  • SOLETE, a 15-month long holistic dataset including: Meteorology, co-located wind and solar PV power from Denmark with various resolutions
  • COVID-19 Effects on the Energy System of Cape Verde
  • Hierarchical control architecture of co-located hybrid power plants
  • Machine learning-driven energy management of a hybrid nuclear-wind-solar-desalination plant
  • The First Utility Scale Hybrid Plant in Europe
  • A Computationally Efficient Formulation for a Flexibility Enabling Generation Expansion Planning
  • Data-Driven Wind Power Forecast (SEST2021)
  • A Novel Control Architecture for Hybrid Power Plants to Provide Coordinated Frequency Reserves
  • Unleashing Surveillance and Control Potential in Smart Distribution Systems--The NET2DG Approach
  • Frequency Provision with Low-Inertia Hybrid Power Plants: Identifying Gaps in the Standards
  • Coordinated Frequency and Active Power Control of Hybrid Power Plants
  • Benchmarking physics-informed machine learning-based short term PV-power forecasting tools
  • Sirfn Power System Testing: A Cyber-Physical Power System Testing Framework for Power System Transformation
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on energy islands: The case of Cape Verde
  • Data of Decarbonizing Energy Islands with Flexibility-Enabling Planning: The Case of Santiago, Cape Verde
  • Assessing stacked physics-informed machine learning models for co-located wind–solar power forecasting
  • The SOLETE dataset
  • The Islands of Cape Verde as a Reference System for 100 % Renewable Deployment
  • Multi-Horizon Data-Driven Wind Power Forecast: From Nowcast to 2 Days-Ahead
  • Energy storage sizing for virtual inertia contribution based on ROCOF and local frequency dynamics
  • Data of Optimal Hourly Generation Expansion São Vicente Cape Verde

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