An academic librarian and researcher working to improve library services in line with global best practices. My expertise includes digital marketing and library management.


  • Emerging Leaders: Trends for the Future (Africa and Europe)
  • Wikimedia and You
  • Tackling the Threat of Predatory Journals on Research
  • An investigation of electronic marketing relationships at the NUST Library
  • The role of ICT in facilitating inclusivity of the deaf-mute communities in TVET institutions
  • Promoting your research output in a digital world
  • Research Communication: Information Sources And Self-archiving - Part 1
  • The design of reader-friendly environments in Zimbabwe’s HTEISTD Government polytechnic library buildings
  • The adoption of developmental bibliotherapy at Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic, Marondera, Zimbabwe
  • The role of academic libraries in unpacking information and digital literacy skills training in TVET institutions
  • Bibliotherapy as a component of social support services for the 21st century academic librarian
  • Exploring TVET opportunities for accelerated industrialization through the language and community knowledge interface
  • Enabling classroom based active research through artificial intelligence
  • The researchers working guide to developing an online presence in a digital age
  • Creativity as the norm and the reader
  • The value of reading
  • The adoption of cellular phones & smart devises in Zimbabwean Education
  • The Role of Libraries in Promoting Peace and Conflict Resolution in Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwean Libraries in the Covid-19 Era

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