Ben Petre

Post-Doc Scientist (Biological sciences)

The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK

I received a PhD in Plant and Forest Biology from the Lorraine University in 2012, after 4 years spent in the Tree-Microbe Interactions Department (INRA/Lorraine University, Nancy, France) under the supervision of Pr. Nicolas Rouhier and Dr. Sébastien Duplessis. Since 2013, I'm a post-doc scientist at The Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK) in the group of Pr. Sophien Kamoun. My researches are supported by two fellowships from INRA (Young Scientific Contract 2009-2014) and Agreenskills (Rust Fungi Effector outgoing mobility Project 2013-2014). My current researches are aimed to identify the function of rust fungi effector proteins inside plant cells.

Ben Petre's public data