Behailu Kibret


  • A New Perspective on the Cylindrical Antenna Theory
  • Menelik head voxel model (DICOM (MR) format)
  • Menelik head mesh format (ACIS SAT v.26)
  • Menelik head voxel model (DES file format)
  • Menelik head voxel model (with CST Studio and SEMCAD X header files)
  • Menelik head voxel model (in NIFTI format)
  • Menelik head mesh model (STL files)
  • Analysis of the whole-body averaged specific absorption rate (SAR) for far-field exposure of an isolated human body using cylindrical antenna theory
  • The effect of tissues in galvanic coupling Intrabody Communication
  • Cylindrical Antenna Theory for the Analysis of Whole-Body Averaged Specific Absorption Rate
  • A survey on intrabody communications for body area network applications
  • Investigation of galvanic-coupled intrabody communication using the human body circuit model
  • Galvanically Coupled Intrabody Communications for Medical Implants: A Unified Analytic Model
  • Analysis of the Human Body as an Antenna for Wireless Implant Communication
  • Human body as antenna and its effect on human body communications
  • Characterizing the human body as a monopole antenna
  • An empirical comparison of limb joint effects on capacitive and galvanic coupled intra-body communications
  • A time-varying magnetic flux concentrator

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