Barnaby Brown

musician, lecturer, producer
Cambridge, UK
Barnaby Brown is the first Highland piper to apply the principles of the early music movement to pibroch. His recordings, articles and editions have helped to revolutionise the way pipers approach the sources of pibroch (1760–1850), enriching the tradition beyond the legacy of the competition system. His quest to revive the northern triplepipe, the bagpipe’s predecessor, led to six years in Sardinia and the formation of Band-Re with guitarist Gianluca Dessí. From 2006 to 2012, Barnaby was a lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. His passion for giving a contemporary voice to ancient instruments has led to three projects 
with Delphian Records: In Praise of Saint Columba (2014); Spellweaving (2016); Set upon the Rood (2017); and Apollo & Dionysus (2018). A founding member of the European Music Archaeology Project, he is currently completing a doctoral dissertation on pibroch at the University of Cambridge.