As a Senior Consultant at Noldus Information Technology, my primary task is applying for research grants for projects and joining consortia in which Noldus develops our innovative solutions for behavioral research. I am also chair of the scientific program committee of the Measuring Behavior conferences and the Data Protection Office for Noldus. My research background is in ecology, and I worked in that area for about 10 years in Britain, Egypt, the Netherlands and the United States. I moved permanently to the Netherlands in 1995. I joined Noldus in 1999 as a technical writer, later becoming a designer, was then head of the Services department for a decade until I became a senior consultant specializing in grant applications in 2013. Specialties: Behavioral research, scientific methodology, biology, psychology, HCI and human factors, neuroscience, grant applications.


  • Animal behaviour analysis with GPS and 3D accelerometers
  • Nutrient dynamics of large river floodplains
  • Distribution and environmental regulation of species of Ranunculus subgenus Batrachium in British rivers
  • Disturbance, succession and ecosystem processes in rivers and estuaries: effects of extreme hydrologic events
  • The effects of a record flood on the aquatic vegetation of the Upper Mississippi River System: Some preliminary findings
  • Automated quantitative analysis to assess motor function in different rat models of impaired coordination and ataxia.
  • Preface: Special issue on measuring behaviour 2016.
  • Introduction to special papers presented at Measuring Behavior 2014.
  • Measuring behavior. Introduction.
  • Exploring workload and attention measurements with uLog mouse data.
  • Computerised video tracking, movement analysis and behaviour recognition in insects.
  • EthoVision: a versatile video tracking system for automation of behavioral experiments.
  • The EthoVision video tracking system--a tool for behavioral phenotyping of transgenic mice.
  • An experimental investigation of the effects of nitrogen deposition to Narthecium ossifragum.
  • Volume 1 of the Proceedings of the joint meeting of the 12th International Conference on Measuring Behavior and the 6th Seminar on Behavioral Methods to be held in Krakow, Poland, October 15-18 2021.
  • A design for an occult precipitation collector
  • TrackLab - An innovative system for location sensing, customer flow analysis and persuasive information presentation
  • Spatial and environmental drivers of macrophyte diversity and community composition in temperate and tropical calcareous rivers
  • Experimental manipulation of water levels in two French riverine grassland soils
  • From neuron to behavior: Evidence from behavioral measurements
  • Cranes with brains
  • Trends in measuring human behavior and interaction

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