Andrea Yankowski

Independent Researcher (Social and cultural anthropology; Archaeology of Asia, Africa and the Americas)

Berkeley, CA USA

Andrea Yankowski is an archaeologist/anthropologist based in Berkeley, CA. She graduated with an M.A. in anthropology from San Francisco State University and was a Fulbright Scholar in the Philippines 1999-2000. She has worked in Southeast Asia for over two decades. Her current research interests include the study of traditional crafts, such as salt-making and pottery-making, in both archaeological and anthropological contexts. She is actively engaged in projects in both the Philippines and Thailand. In 2021, she was awarded a grant from the British Museum and Arcadia’s Endangered Material Knowledge Programme, with collaborator Dr. Ana M.T. Labrador, for their project titled “Documenting the construction of a traditional kamalig (salt workshop) and the making of asin tibuok (native salt): the indigenous skills and knowledge systems of an endangered craft tradition in Alburquerque, Bohol, Philippines" which has evolved to be a cultural heritage preservation project with the community.



Andrea Yankowski's public data