Alice Rudge

Lecturer in Anthropology (Environmental anthropology)


Alice is a Lecturer in Anthropology working at the intersection of language, science, and environmental politics. She focuses on themes of alterity, ethics, Indigenous justice, plantation agriculture, and scientific practice. Since 2014, Alice has been conducting ethnographic fieldwork with Batek people in Malaysia, where she has been interested in questions of how differences and similarities are made and transformed through people’s everyday lives as they experience ecological and social change. Her book on this topic Sensing Others: Voicing Batek Ethical Lives at the Edge of a Malaysian Rainforest is published with University of Nebraska Press (2023). Her research with Batek has also been published in American Ethnologist, the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, Hunter-Gatherer Research, and Ethnomusicology Forum. Alice is committed to language documentation as part of the anthropological process, and Sensing Others contains the first published grammar of Batek.

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