Alexandre López-borrull

Lecturer in UOC (Catalonia)
Barcelona, Catalunya
My name is Alexandre López-Borrull, and since 2007 I am a Lecturer of Information Science at the UOC, where, among other projects, I participated in the design of the Information and Documentation Degree. Profile PhD in Chemistry at UAB (2003) and BSc in Documentation at UOC (2003). For over ten years I have been a Lecturer in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Since 2007, Lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences Faculty at the UOC.: Thesis: Synthesis and structural characterization of complexes of Ag (I) with thiourea type ligands or Thioamide. Study of specialized electronic information sources in chemistry. Research stay at Loughborough University. I live in Gràcia. Research Kimo member of the UOC. My interests are based on information sources and their evolution in the Internet, including electronic journals, open access and legal aspects of digital information. Within Kimo, my research focus are the changes in the way research is done: e-research, Big Science, megajournals, Open Data, and other aspects related to how science and research are changing the way they behave.