Alessio Roccon


  • Turbulent drag reduction by compliant lubricating layer
  • Turbulent Drag Reduction by a Near Wall Surface Tension Active Interface
  • Mass-conservation-improved phase field methods for turbulent multiphase flow simulation
  • Coalescence of surfactant-laden drops by Phase Field Method
  • Turbulent drag reduction in channel flow with viscosity stratified fluids
  • Viscosity-modulated breakup and coalescence of large drops in bounded turbulence
  • Wall transform mechanism in a viscosity stratified turbulent flow
  • Viscosity-modulated breakup and coalescence of large drops in bounded turbulence
  • Energy balance in lubricated drag-reduced turbulent channel flow
  • Effect of surfactant-laden droplets on turbulent flow topology
  • Deformation of clean and surfactant-laden droplets in shear flow
  • Breakage, coalescence and size distribution of surfactant-laden droplets in turbulent flow
  • Turbulent Flows With Drops and Bubbles: What Numerical Simulations Can Tell Us—Freeman Scholar Lecture
  • Modelling the direct virus exposure risk associated with respiratory events
  • Influence of density and viscosity on deformation, breakage, and coalescence of bubbles in turbulence
  • Propagation of capillary waves in two-layer oil–water turbulent flow
  • Heat transfer in drop-laden turbulence
  • Short-range exposure to airborne virus transmission and current guidelines
  • Computationally Efficient and Interface Accurate Dual-Grid Phase-Field Simulation of Turbulent Drop-Laden Flows
  • Turbulent drag reduction in water-lubricated channel flow of highly viscous oil

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