Alecia Carter

Junior Research Fellow (Zoology not elsewhere classified)

University of Cambridge


  • Social networks created with different techniques are not comparable
  • Social effects on foraging behavior and success depend on local environmental conditions
  • Personality predicts the propensity for social learning in a wild primate
  • Junior scientists are sceptical of sceptics of open access: a reply to Agrawal.
  • Intraindividual Variability of Boldness Is Repeatable across Contexts in a Wild Lizard
  • Evidence for varying social strategies across the day in chacma baboons
  • Cooperative personalities and social niche specialization in female meerkats
  • Personality predicts decision making only when information is unreliable
  • On validity and controls in animal personality research: a comment on Galhardo et al.(2012)
  • How do foragers decide when to leave a patch? A test of alternative models under natural and experimental conditions
  • Foraging in groups allows collective predator detection in a mammal species without alarm calls
  • Animal personality: what are behavioural ecologists measuring?
  • Taking a comparative approach: analysing personality as a multivariate behavioural response across species
  • Personality in agama lizards and chacma baboons: Methodological considerations across taxa
  • Personality and plasticity: temporal behavioural reaction norms in a lizard, the Namibian rock agama
  • Linking social foraging behaviour with individual time budgets and emergent group-level phenomena
  • How not to measure boldness: novel object and antipredator responses are not the same in wild baboons
  • Exploring foraging decisions in a social primate using discrete-choice models
  • Evaluating animal personalities: do observer assessments and experimental tests measure the same thing?
  • Boldness, trappability and sampling bias in wild lizards
  • Agamas exhibit behavioral syndromes: bolder males bask and feed more but may suffer higher predation
  • Structured association patterns and their energetic benefits in female eastern grey kangaroos, Macropus giganteus
  • Individual variation in the relationship between vigilance and group size in eastern grey kangaroos
  • Improving sneaky-sex in a low oxygen environment: reproductive and physiological responses of male mosquito fish to chronic hypoxia

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