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  • Microbial biofilms as one of the key elements in modulating ecohydrological processes in both natural and urban water corridors
  • Harnessing Soil Microbiomes for Creating Healthy and Functional Urban Landscapes
  • 910 metagenome-assembled genomes from the phytobiomes of three urban-farmed leafy Asian greens
  • Freshwater Sediment Microbial Communities Are Not Resilient to Disturbance From Agricultural Land Runoff
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Carbon Dynamics in Tropical Peatlands under Different Land Use Types: A Systematic Review Protocol
  • A Framework to Address the Food, Energy and Water Nexus among Indian Megacities and Their Rapidly Expanding Peripheries
  • Host developmental stage is associated with shifts in the exosphere microbiome of urban-farmed Asian green leafy vegetables
  • Genome-resolved carbon processing potential of tropical peat microbiomes from an oil palm plantation
  • Elevated methane flux in a tropical peatland post-fire is linked to depth-dependent changes in peat microbiome assembly

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