2012-11-29T10:10:52Z (GMT) by Bartholomäus Wloka Werner Winiwarter
<p>In this article, we describe our experience with deploying our previous work on machine translation and language learning on mobile Internet platforms, i.e. smartphones. We present KANTEAM – KAnji TEAcher Mobile, implemented on the Samsung Galaxy Tab with<br>Google's operating system Android, and UTROLL –Ubiquitous Translation and Language Learning Environment, implemented on the Nokia N900 with Maemo5. In the process of implementation, we have analyzed both platforms as ubiquitous learning devices with special focus on sensor and hardware capabilities as well as usability. This work is combined with our previous efforts and creates a bridge between a server based machine translation system and an everyday smartphone user. We present a detailed description of both applications, UTROLL and KANTEAM, while comparing their capabilities with respect to their hardware and operating system issues.</p> <p> </p>