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Screen Skills: Adapting Responsive Art Museum Teaching Methodologies for use with Time-Based Media

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posted on 02.06.2017, 21:37 authored by Alison CornellAlison Cornell
As film and video art have become more prolific and accepted, and as digital, new media, and interactive art are following the same trajectory, the need for art institutions to collect, preserve, and showcase these works is growing. Museums that focus only on time-based media have begun popping up in major cities from New York to Amsterdam, and that trend is only going to increase. The need to develop a comprehensive guide to best practices in the facilitation of active learning with time-based media is apparent. This paper combines research into art museum teaching methodologies with case studies of existing programs to develop a best-practices guide for gallery teaching with time-based media. From adapting existing frameworks of inquiry-based teaching, to designing hands-on workshops, to exploring the potential impact of third-space theory, this paper lays a groundwork for creating useable, scalable programming to explore time-based media in museums. The appendix includes a sample educational program, with open-ended questions, a sample tour, and workshops that explore elements of time-based media through simple supplies.