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Pupils as Assessors in Quality Assurance of Schools in Malta

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posted on 24.08.2018, 10:39 authored by Angela Pulis
The study seeks a new perspective on quality assurance, by engaging pupils as assessors. The data provided by the study could help educational leaders, together with the whole school community to understand how Maltese pupils judge schools. It could provide useful knowledge for more effective appraisal of schools and shed light on proposals for better-quality schools. The study adopted a Mixed Methods approach, integrating both quantitative and qualitative data to address the research questions. The main research tool was a questionnaire survey, with 1618 pupils, from two pupil year groups: 8 year olds and 14 year olds. Pupil participation was embedded in all stages of the research design. Pupils were asked to participate in the design of the main research tool and to contribute in the analysis and discussion of the main findings of the questionnaire survey. Qualitative data collected through focus group sessions with pupils, group interviews with Student Councils, and, one­to-one interviews with Heads of Schools and policy-makers, complemented the quantitative data gathered by the questionnaire. Data was gathered from a total of 42 different schools. In addition, the study sought to reveal the perspectives of pupils, Heads of Schools and policy-makers on pupils' role as assessors of schools and on the pupil-generated list of the quality indicators of a good school. The findings show that the top three quality indicators of a good school through the eyes of the Maltese pupil are: 'Good teachers', 'A clean school' and 'A good Head of School'. Pupils, Heads of Schools and policy-makers are all in favour of the concept and the application of the concept of pupils as assessors of schools; however, there are a number of shortcomings which need to be addressed before the full potential of the process can be achieved in Maltese schools.



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