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Principle & Pragmatism: the New Zealand Fair Trade Consumer and Their Perspectives on the Future of Fair Trade

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posted on 2022-03-07, 21:39 authored by William George Watterson
Using exploratory, qualitative focus groups, this thesis investigates the perspectives, motivations and concerns of a specific group of dedicated New Zealand Fair Trade consumers, the reasons surrounding their willingness to pay an ethical premium, and the ways they learn about Fair Trade products. It also explores the complex inter-relationship between their ethical beliefs and purchase behavior, and their perspectives on the future of the Fair Trade movement. The research contributes to the growth of ethical and Fair Trade consumerism, thereby linking the development of sustainable livelihoods in the North to development and export opportunities for small-scale producers in the South. The findings of this study could have important implications for the development of sensitized marketing strategies and more effective consumer education campaigns directed at this increasingly significant segment. It could also help translate the ideas and concerns of Fair Trade consumer into opportunities for Fair Trade organizations and developing country producers.


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Marshall, Chris; Overton, John; Willis, Richard