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Modelling land cover change in Edo and Delta states, Nigeria

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posted on 2014-12-15, 10:39 authored by Egbe Osaretin Eguavoen
The land surrounding Edo and Delta states is continuously changing, requiring satellite images and extensive field assessment to monitor and manage. This information is significant in mapping and identifying the temporal and spatial patterns of land use and land cover change, especially with the ongoing conflict regarding oil activities and illegal logging. This study employed the use of Landsat TM and ETM to assess the changes in the land using post-classification comparison change detection technique. Detailed 'from-to' statistical information was generated and put into the model. The combination of the application of remote sensing, modelling and field work, assisted in achieving the objectives of the study, which includes the identification of the key driving forces of land use and land cover change into Edo and Delta states. The post classification of the image showed that 53% of the total area underwent some changes. Results indicate that the forests are being lost at an alarming rate of 3.7% due to a number of socio-economic and political factors driving these changes. The model projections tested various scenarios of land cover change. These models also analysed the relationship between population and land use and land cover changes (agricultural land to be exact).


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