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Investigating the strategic alignment of knowledge management orientation in Maltese medium to large sized organisations

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posted on 09.11.2009, 10:02 authored by Christopher Micallef
Recent studies related to knowledge-based business processes, organisational culture and leadership have shown that a link with business performance exists. However the overall link and alignment with business strategy still needs further research. The objective of this dissertation is to investigate this gap in Maltese medium to large-sized organisations, with the aim of providing evidence that knowledge-based management systems provide direct contribution to both the strategic alignment and organisational performance. Most current knowledge management literature is based on qualitative research which more often than not has led towards the development of models that contradict each other. In this research a totally different approach will be sustained through the use of quantitative research techniques, which will be applied to existing knowledge management models. Another objective is to investigate how knowledge management strategies relate to strategic orientations in Maltese medium to large-sized organisations. In order to investigate these objectives, research was conducted by using a questionnaire-based strategic alignment model derived from literature, which focussed on the business environment, business strategy, knowledge orientation and organisational performance of Maltese medium to large-sized private and public organisations. It is evidently clear from the findings that there is a significant difference in knowledge management practices between Maltese organisations adopting different strategic orientations. It has also been established that twenty-one knowledge oriented components were significantly correlated with organisational performance, which can be classified in terms of performance category. Ultimately this dissertation develops a knowledge orientation typology for Maltese organisations, linking knowledge orientation and business strategy for Maltese medium to large-sized organisations.



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