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Gravitational Fields and Gravitational Waves

posted on 2021-09-21, 01:14 authored by Tony YuanTony Yuan
Since last year, I have conducted in-depth discussions with a physics professor in Austin, Texas, on gravitational fields, gravitational waves, and gravity. At the beginning of this year, I summarized the gravitational equation under the influence of gravitational waves.

I applied the new gravitational equation to planetary orbit calculations, and all planetary precession data are basically the same as GR except for Venus, which is 240" vs 8.6" per century. GR does not consider the angle between the planet’s orbital plane and the sun’s vertical plane and also does not consider the eccentricity of the orbit when calculating the planetary precession. However, we need to consider them and consider them as the main factor. This may be the biggest difference between the two. Let’s look at the characteristics of Venus: Venus’s eccentricity is abnormally low (e = 0.0068), which makes its perihelion extremely sensitive to small disturbances. But the angle between its orbit and the vertical plane of the sun is very large 3.39°, so we have reason to believe that gravitational waves will have a great influence on the orbital precession of Venus.

I hope my discovery can add a new idea to the development of general relativity.