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Evaluation Of Etobicoke Exfiltration System Applications In The City Of Barrie

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posted on 2021-06-08, 07:36 authored by Parto Peyvandisani
These days engineers reduce the adverse effects of urbanizations using Low Impact Developments (LID) on their municipal design. Etobicoke Exfiltration System (EES) as a LID Best Management Practice (BMP) was demonstrated in 1993 and is being implemented at a hospital rehabilitation project in Toronto. To evaluate EES through modeling, a methodology was used to implement EES in SWMM 5.1.012, and the outcome was applied for a case study in Barrie. The primary components of EES include inlets, void space storage of granular material laid beneath the main sewer system. These components were modeled by orifices and a storage unit to simulate the exfiltration of water from the stone trench into the surrounding native soil. The model was applied in a case study in Barrie regarding hydrologic performance analysis. The results indicated a significant reduction of runoff volume and peak flow reduction for a single design storm. However, some challenges revealed by these results regarding the case study





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