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Enhancing statistics education with java applets

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posted on 15.12.2014, 10:43 by Edmund Yau Kong Yung
Advances in global technology have opened up the possibility of new ways of teaching and learning statistics. Armed with the latest WWW technology, educators can now create an interactive learning environment for students to learn statistics by using Java applets. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Java applet-based instruction in comparison with traditional instruction on college students' achievements, attitude and satisfaction in an introductory statistics course. This study was conducted at the Macau Polytechnic using a quasi-experimental, pre-test/post-test non-equivalent control group design. The experimental group involved 37 undergraduate students who received Java applet-based instruction; the control group involved 38 students who received traditional instruction. Results showed that (a) the Java applet-based instruction group had significantly better achievement than did the traditional group; (b) students reported a more positive attitude toward the subject matter after attending the applet based class; furthermore (c) a significantly higher level of satisfaction was found in the Java applet-instruction group. It was concluded that a Java applet based instruction format should be considered as a substitute to the traditional instruction format.


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