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Characterization and Comparison of Exosomes Found in Stem Cell Cultures to Those Found in Plant Botanicals Especially Cocos Nucifera

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posted on 23.05.2021, 20:11 authored by Tong ShenTong Shen
While extensive information is published regarding human exosomes derived from adult stem cell cultures, limited publications are available on exosomes extracted from plant botanicals. This review characterized that similar to exosomes derived from adult stem cultures, exosomes extracted from plant botanicals such as cocos nucifera (coconut) water have demonstrated similar biological activities yet through exerting cross-species plant-to-human exosome-mediated intercellular communication and development. Plant exosomes, characterized by their differential advantages compared to mammalian-derived exosomes, are considered as more ideal exosomal sources regarding its scalability and cultivation convenience. Due to smaller exosomal size, coconut water in particular is characterized with more efficient absorption/uptake by human cells and delivery of exosomal contents (e.g., mircroRNAs) upon exerting biological activity against human cells, which potentially enlighten future applications of coconut water exosome-based therapeutics in humans.