tci20150906-10 - Srak brüzsi

2018-06-28T05:00:44Z (GMT) by Christian Döhler
<p>This is a recording of Abia Bai talking about an accident during his childhood where a boy drowned in the Morehead river. The story was told before by his brother Marua Bai (tci20120904-02). The recording was made in Rouku village, Western Province, Papua New Guinea.</p> <p>The dataset includes:</p> <ul> <li>audio file (tci20150906v-10.wav) - extracted from the video file for transcription</li> <li>video file (tci20150906v-10.mpeg)</li> <li>transcription file (tci20150906v-10.eaf)</li> </ul> <p>The material was recorded by Christian Döhler as part of a language documentation project for his PhD. The project was located at the <a href="">School of Culture, History and Language</a> at the <a href="">Australian National University, Canberra</a>. For the most part it was funded by the <a href="">DOBES project</a> of the <a href="">Volkswagen Foundation</a>.</p>