Using DOIs and Crossref to assess the evolving institutional support for open access publication fees

2016-11-15T17:16:34Z (GMT) by Najko Jahn
Persistent identifiers not only reference digital objects, but come with useful metadata. In my session, I present how research libraries can re-use Crossref's API and standardized metadata to keep track of recent developments in scholarly communication. More specifically, I address the problem of institutional spending for open access publication fees and journal subscriptions in Germany, and how to compare this expenditure across institutions by re-using Crossref's bibliographic index. As a tool, rOpenSci's rcrossref client can be used, which enables unified access to the various metadata representations that Crossref provides within the statistical computing environment R. Several open questions to the PID community remain including versioning of metadata, in particular with regard to identifying publishers and journal titles, as well as the current status of licensing information coverage in Crossref's index.