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posted on 2021-05-20, 12:57 authored by Jose M. AdroverJose M. Adrover
This macro will aid in quantifying NETs from confocal Z-stacks of ex vivo NET-formation assays.

It will use DAPI signal to generate ROIs, and from those will check if they are also positive for citrunillated histone 3 and MPO. Threshold for citH3 can be modified in the graphical user interface, the one for MPO can be modified in the code as well.

The macro will output several plots that should be carefully inspected. Always confirm the results with manual inspection on first uses. Do not trust the outputs without manual inspection, as your capture conditions may be very different and require adjustments to the code.


Cancer Research Institute/Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship (CRI Award #3435)