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Matlab script for computing the aurofacial asymmetry

posted on 2019-04-28, 11:55 authored by Marc H.E. de LussanetMarc H.E. de Lussanet
The zip file contains the entire data structure needed.

Matlab script for computing the Aurofacial Asymmetry as predicted by the Axial Twist hypothesis.
This script belongs to the manuscript:
de Lussanet, Marc H.E. (2019) "Opposite asymmetries of face and trunk and of kissing and hugging, as
predicted by the axial twist hypothesis" PeerJ (in press) / PeerJ Preprints

The Axial Twist Hypothesis (ATH, de Lussanet and Osse 2011, 2015) predicts that the face (mouth-eyes-
nose region) sits on average to the left with respect to the aural axis (i.e., the axis through the
ears), hence aurofacial asymmetry.

The Datasets mhead, mhsym and angles are based on the Facedatabase
See Troje & Buelthoff (1996), Blanz & Vetter (1999). The data of children's faces are based on
Klingenberg et al. (2010). (See Methods section of de Lussanet (2019 : inpress/preprint))

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de Lussanet, M.H.E., 2019. Opposite asymmetries of face and trunk and of kissing and hugging, as
predicted by the axial twist hypothesis. PeerJ (in press) / PeerJ Preprints.
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A first draft was created by Niko Troje (2016).
Final version by Marc de Lussanet (2019)


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