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MATLAB tools for a general TiRe-LII error model (wat-lii-error-model)

posted on 2019-10-29, 07:53 authored by Timothy SipkensTimothy Sipkens, Paul HadwinPaul Hadwin, Samuel Grauer, Kyle Daun
This software is an implementation of the general error model described in the work entitled "General error model for analysis of laser-induced incandescence
signals" by T. A. Sipkens and coworkers, which simulates signals according to the described error model (sufficient for generating Figure 1 in the associated work) and demonstrates a fitting procedure to infer the error model parameters from the produced signals.

This software package was developed for use with MATLAB 2016a running on Windows. Users can execute the main script immediately, provided all attached files are located in the same directory and that directory is included in the MATLAB path. One must then enter "main_simulate_C" in the MATLAB command line.


Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)