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IDL routine for Gagné et al. 2014b, Figure 1

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posted on 14.03.2014, 16:15 by Jonathan GagnéJonathan Gagné, Jackie K. Faherty, Kelle CruzKelle Cruz, David Lafrenière, Lison Malo, René Doyon, Étienne Artigau

This IDL function shows how Figure 1 was built in Gagné et al. (2014b; see link below). IDL 8 or over is required for this routine to work. We do not provide subroutines "read_spectrum_sep.pro" and "read_template_sep.pro" as those only serve for reading the spectra that are displayed. They restore into memory the lam, sp and esp variables, which are each a 3-pointer array containing the data for the J, H and K bands respectively.

This routine is given with the sole purpose of learning how to use the IDL 8 graphic functions to create plots similar as that of Figure 1 in Gagné et al. 2014. This is why we do not give the subroutines.


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