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FastForward: A tool for reachability in Petri nets with infinite state spaces. Artifact for the TACAS21 Contribution "Directed Reachability for Infinite-State Systems"

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posted on 14.01.2021, 10:33 by Michael Blondin, Christoph Haase, Philip Offtermatt
Reproducible outcomes from the 2021 TACAS paper "Directed Reachability for Infinite-State systems" by Michael Blondin, Christoph Haase and Philip Offtermatt.

This artifact contains a prototype implementation of
a novel semi-decision procedure for the Petri net reachability problem, as introduced in Section 5 of the aforementioned paper.
The prototype tool is called FastForward, and it is written in C#.
The source code for the tool is included, as well as instructions on how to compile it.
Additionally, the benchmark suite we used to evaluate our prototype is included,
as well as instructions to reproduce our results.


Advanced Reasoning in Arithmetic Theories

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