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Docker image for An Exercise in Open Data

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posted on 2020-10-26, 01:51 authored by Lukas Beddrich, Alexander Book, Xaver Simon Brems, Petr ČermákPetr Čermák, Michał Dembski-Villalta, Luis Flacke, Henrik Gabold, Marianna Gerina, Johanna K. Jochum, Andrej Kancko, Soňa Kohúteková, Tereza Košutová, Petr Král, Anastasiia Murmiliuk, Lukáš Nowak, Anastasiia Pylypets, Daniel Staško, Ran Tang, Michal Vančík, Lukas VoglLukas Vogl

This repository is created as an example of good open data practice and F.A.I.R. principles. It is a copy of the Github repository packed as a docker container with all dependencies. The manuscript is published on arXiv.

In order to use this docker image, run:

docker load < silicon.tar.gz
docker run -it -p 8888:8888 silicon jupyter notebook --ip


BTHA-AP-2020-25: "Czech-Bavarian mini-school on large scale facilities and open data (5 days)"