sgalgaR: a package for determining SGA and LGA babies.

2017-02-12T13:34:12Z (GMT) by Daniel Reidpath
<p>Software Version: 0.1.0</p><p>Babies born small for gestational age (<a href="">SGA</a>) or large for gestational age (<a href="">LGA</a>) have a higher risk of morbidity and mortality. Small is often defined as <= 10<sup>th</sup> percentile given the baby's sex and gestational age, or <= 3<sup>rd</sup> percentile given the baby's sex and gestational age. Similarly, LGA is often defined in terms of the 90<sup>th</sup>.</p> <p>Finding look-up tables is straightforward enough, but these are not particularly useful for processing millions of records. This trivial package gives a percentile classifications (weight for gestational age and sex) for a single infant (ga_class()) or a dataframe of millions of infants (ga_dataframe()).</p> <p>The possible percentile classes are: "<= 03", "<= 05", "<= 10", "10-90", ">= 90", ">= 95", ">= 97"</p> <p>When processing a dataframe, the entire dataframe is returned with an additional column (ga_class)</p>