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2020-02-10T10:08:04Z (GMT) by zaki

Background: Adenovirus is associated with respiratory tract infections in children worldwide. However, there is insufficient data about adenovirus infections in Egyptian children and the genotypes present in this infection.

Objective: The aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of adenovirus and its genotypes in respiratory tract infection in children by real time PCR.

Methods: The study was a cross- sectional study that included 100 children complaining of respiratory tract infections signs and symptoms. Laboratory investigation for adenovirus included real time polymerase chain reaction and genotypes detection by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR)).

Results: Adenovirus was detected by PCR for fiber gene in 11% with genotype 3 in 6 samples (54.5%) and genotype 7 in 5 samples (45.5%) positive samples for adenovirus by Multiplex PCR. The main presenting symptoms and signs in children with adenovirus detected by PCR were cough, fever, wheezing and croups (90.9%, 81.1%, 63.6%, and 63.6% respectively). The diagnosis in children with adenovirus was pneumonia in 72.7% and bronchitis in 27.7%. There were statistically insignificant differences in demographic, clinical and hematological parameters between children with adenovirus and children negative to adenovirus by PCR.

Conclusion: The clinical characteristics of respiratory infections with adenovirus vary upon the age of the patients and the immune status. Therefore, there is a requirement for extensive study of adenovirus in respiratory infections in children with different ages and immune status.

Keywords: Children, Respiratory infection, Pneumonia, Adenovirus genotype 7, adenovirus genotype 3, Multiplex PCR