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Workshop Report - Shaking It Up: How To Thrive In - And Change - The Research Ecosystem

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posted on 2015-02-19, 15:05 authored by Digital ScienceDigital Science

On November 24th, a cross-section of colleagues working in the scholarly publishing and communication space joined up for a fantastic day of demos, discussions and sharing best practices. Held at Microsoft’s NERD Space in Cambridge, MA, the workshop included a cross-section of participants to share success stories and challenges of innovating in the research space:

• What are the most prevalent pain points for researchers today?
• How are innovators in the research space reaching out to their target communities?
• How is the practice of research changing as new tools and services become available to researchers?
• How do these initiatives launch, grow and scale?
• The flora and fauna of the research ecosystem include scholars, libraries, universities, funders, governments and companies: how are the rules of interaction changing?
• What new partnerships are emerging?