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Succeeding Together: Maximising the potential for joint opportunities between Australia and Indonesia

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posted on 2017-02-07, 06:23 authored by ANZ, PwC, Professor George Rivers, Dr Julio Tradenta

In 2015, the Australia-Indonesia Centre commissioned ANZ and PwC to identify trade sectors where both nations can develop joint competitive advantage in the global market.

The ‘Succeeding Together’ report, prepared by ANZ and PwC for the Australia-Indonesia Centre, was launched at the Indonesia Australia Business Council conference in Yogyakarta by the Australian Minister for Trade and Investment, the Hon. Andrew Robb.

It highlighted that there is a $3 trillion opportunity in trade opening up in Southeast Asia, and Australia and Indonesia can be winners if they work together to secure parts of global supply chains.

The report’s approach complements the Australian Government’s commitment to building closer trade and investment ties through trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea, and other broader trade initiatives including the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, the continuing Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the Trans Pacific Partnership.


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