Zero to VIVO in 7 Days

2015-08-19T11:13:01Z (GMT) by Jonathan Breeze Juergen Wastl
Notwithstanding the collaborative efforts of the VIVO community, the technical and data related tasks associated with implementing and populating VIVO continue to act as significant barriers to wide adoption of the platform. 

In direct response to these challenges, Symplectic has developed a quick and effective means of installing, implementing and populating a production-ready VIVO instance for subscribers of Symplectic's Research Information Management System, Elements. 

Titled ‘Zero to VIVO in 7 Days’, this session will introduce how this process works, from the acquisition of a new server through to the population of VIVO using linked data captured in Elements. This new service also includes an analysis of triples captured in VIVO and a report to help inform further data curation inside Elements.